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Crafter's Touch http://www.crafterstouch.com July 15, 2004 In This Issue: * Editor's Note : What is Decoupage? * Project Idea : General Decoupage Instructions * Project Idea: Candle Decoupage * Tips & Tricks: Advanced Creative Effects For Decoupage * Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch ******************************************************************** Editor's Note: What is decoupage you might ask? For the uninitiated, decoupage is the art of decorating objects with cutout pictures and printed images and using a finish to seal them into place. And the best part of all? With a little practice, anyone can do it! ******************************************************************** General Decoupage Instructions You can add a decoupage touch to almost any item in your home. All it takes is a few simple items and you're ready to start. First of all save up, your old tissue gift wrap, decorative paper napkins, and/or interesting magazine cutouts. Next, find a couple of items in your home that could use a little updating. Chairs, tables, boxes, and frames all work well, but you can decoupage on almost anything. The only items you'll have to buy is some sort of decoupage sealant which you can find in any craft store and a couple of foam brushes to spread the sealant. Once you have all of your items, you're ready to begin. First of all, you'll need to make sure you clean your decoupage object throughly. Make sure there's no dirt or dust no the object that you'll be decoupaging on. Cut out the images from your tissue, napkin or magazine that you'd like to place on your decoupage item. Arrange them to your liking. Next, spread a coat of decoupage sealant on your decoupage item and carefully place your cutout images in the appropriate places. You can smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. Allow this to dry completely. The final step is to cover the entire area with another layer of sealant (This means covering your tissue images as well as the rest of the object you're decoupaging). Once this coat dries you're done! ******************************************************************** Project Idea: Candle Decoupage Candles make an excellant item to decoupage. Simple pillars can be used to create festive holiday candles for next season out of your old decorative napkins! All you need is the following supplies: Pillar Candle Decorative Napkins Decoupage Finish And the following equipment: Fine Scissors Foam Brushes To get full instructions for candle decoupage, visit our site at: http://www.crafterstouch.com/projectpage.aspx?projectid=40 ******************************************************************** If you have any questions that you'd like answered by our experts send an email to webmaster@crafterstouch.com and we'll be happy to help you! ******************************************************************** Tips & Tricks - Advanced Creative Effects for Decoupage Once you've mastered the basics of decoupage, you may be ready to get into some more advanced techniques to create some unique looks. Tearing You can create some creative textures around your memorabilia by tearing around the outside edge of your paper. This will give you a rustic, irregular look. Always tear downward for best results. This will work well for old wedding invitations or poems. Burning You can also try burning around the edges of your images. It will work best to use a candle flame or a lighter and be sure to blow out the flame immediately as it catches the paper. Burn small areas at a time and always be very careful when working with fire. Visit our website for more decoupage tips at: http://www.crafterstouch.com/craft.aspx?categoryid=20 ******************************************************************** Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch New Candle Making Project - Cube Gel Candles (7/14/2004) http://www.crafterstouch.com/projectpage.aspx?projectid=42 New Decoupage Tip - Working With Decoupage Images (7/13/2004) http://www.crafterstouch.com/tip.aspx?tipid=22 New Candle Making Project - Container Candles (7/12/2004) http://www.crafterstouch.com/projectpage.aspx?projectid=41 New Cross Stitch Tip - Using Waste Canvas (7/9/2004) http://www.crafterstouch.com/tip.aspx?tipid=24 New Scrapbooking Tip - Scrapbooking Theme Ideas (7/7/2004) http://www.crafterstouch.com/tip.aspx?tipid=19 ******************************************************************** FEEDBACK TO THE EDITOR webmaster@crafterstouch.com WEBSITE http://www.crafterstouch.com TO SUBSCRIBE Send an email to webmaster@crafterstouch.com TO UNSUBSCRIBE Send an email to webmaster@crafterstouch.com
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