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January 6, 2005

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  • Editor's Note
  • Project Idea: Mosaic Votive Holder
  • Crafter's Touch Lip Balm Making Kits
  • Project Idea: Draped Layer Candle
  • Poll Results
  • Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch

Editor's Note

It's the beginning of a new year and a perfect time to try some new crafts!  In this issue, you'll find a gorgeous mosaic candle holder project.  If you haven't tried mosaics, you don't know what you're missing! 

Also, you'll find a project for a unique type of candle making technique that will let you create great looking candles.  The best part is that it's not nearly as difficult as it looks!

Have a great new year!

Project Idea: Mosaic Votive Holder

These mosaic votive holders look gorgeous and are easy enough for a beginner to make wonderful works of art.

All you need are the following supplies:

  • Mosaic tile (We used 3/4" square tiles in blues and greens made from colored glass)
  • Mosaic tile adhesive
  • Glass votive holder
  • Black tile grout
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Tile nippers of hammer and plastic bag to break tile
  • Disposable cup to mix grout
  • Sponge
  • Latex gloves & Eye protection

    To get full instructions for this project, visit our site HERE

    Lip Balm Making Kit

    Get a lip balm making kit today!

    Tasty flavors such as Cherry Vanilla, Cafe Latte, Banana, or Chocolate Cake.
    Our lip balm is wonderfully moisturizing and made of all natural ingredients.
    Makes over 20 homemade lip balms.

    Lip Balm Making Kit 

    Project Idea: Draped Layer Candles

    The possibilities with these draped layer candles are endless. Try using not only complementary but contrasting colors as well.

    All you need are the following supplies:

  • Pillar blend wax
  • Dye blocks of your choice
  • Mold sealant
  • Wick
  • Silicone Mold Release or Cooking Spray
  • Pillar mold
  • Double boiler
  • Thermometer
  • Wick rod
  • Cold water bath

    To get full instructions for this project, visit our site HERE

    New Fragrances & Colors in Candle Making Kits

    We've added lots new fragrance oils that are now available in all of our candle making kits!  Here's just a few!

    Apple Pie
    Baby Powder
    Cherry Almond
    Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
    Cucumber Melon
    Green Tea & Cucumber
    Mango & Papaya
    Vanilla Almond

    You've asked for new colors in our candle making kits and we've responded.  Here's just a few of the new colors you have to choose from!

    Hunter Green
    Wedgewood Blue

    Get one of our candle making kits with new fragrances & colors today!

    Candle Making Kits 

    Website Poll Results

    We asked our website visitors "What are your favorite candle fragrances?"   76 people responded! 

    Here's the results:

    Bakery - Apple Pie, Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Muffin - 36%, 27 votes

    Aromatherapy -  Lavendar, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus Leaf - 25%, 19 votes

    Fruity - Juicy Peach, Cucumber Melon, Wild Cherry - 17%, 13 votes

    Fresh - Baby Powder, Fresh Linen, Vanilla - 13%, 10 votes

    Floral - Jasmine, Daffodil, Lilac - 9%, 7 votes

    We are going to leave the poll open for one more week to make sure everyone has a chance to vote.  Just visit our website and look on the left hand column to find the poll.  Your votes will affect what types of projects are added to our site so please vote today!  Look for a new poll soon!

    Other New Articles At Crafter's Touch

    New Kids Craft Project - Egg Carton Flowers

    New Candle Making Project - Beeswax Cookie Cutter Candles

    New Soap Making Project - Duck in a Pond Soap

    New Cake Decorating Tip - Cake Decorating Terms

    New Christmas Project - Why Snowmen Don't Drink Hot Chocolate Card



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