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Chunk Votive

Chunk candles are a wonderful type of candle that can be made in a votive mold, a pillar mold or even a container. Chunk candles are easy to make yet look quite impressive. If you're looking for a new technique to add to your repotoire, look no further! For basic instructions, check out our Chunk Votive Candle instructions.

If you've already mastered the basics, this article is for you! Below you'll find many questions to ask yourself to make a really great chunk candle.

What colors should I choose?

There are many ways to pick the colors of your candle. Here's a few ideas to get you started.

  • You will want to choose colors that are complementary to one another. You can thumb through the advertisements in favorite magazine for ideas on what colors will work well together.
  • You can pick your colors based on an upcoming season or holiday; pastal colors for spring or orange and black for Halloween.
  • Choose your colors based on the room decor that you will be displaying your candle in. For example, try to match your candle to the blue in your kitchen curtains.

Do you want to have a single color of chunks or multicolored chunks?

I've seen beautiful chunk candles in a rainbow of colors but there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your chunk colors.

  • It's going to be more work if you'd like to have multiple colors of chunks.
  • One way to cut down on the work, is to make some extra chunks every time you make a new color candle. Then the next time you make a chunk candle, you will have a variety of colored chunks to choose from.
Chunk Votive Burgundy Pink Chunk Votive Pink

What color overpour should i use?

You can choose to have a plain overpour by not adding any dye to your wax. This will give your candle a slighly translucent appearance and you'll get a really nice glow when the candle is light.

On the other hand, you can choose to color your overpour wax with white dye or really any other color that you wish. Once again be sure to use complementary colors.

Temperture of your overpour?

Varying the temperature of your overpour will have an effect on the look of your candle. You pour at a higher temperture so that the chunks melt a bit and bleed into the overpour. Alternatively, you can lower the temperature of your overpour so that you have a more rustic look with a textured surface.

How full should i fill my overpour?

You can fill your overpour wax to the very top of the candle for a flat surface or you can choose to fill only to the point where you will still see the chunks jut out from the top of the candle.

What is an alternative methods of making chunks?

Instead of simple square chunks, you can use a cookie cutter to make different shaped chunks for embedding in your candle.

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