Clever Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are great way to show someone that you care especially when you put them together yourself. Check out some of our ideas for unique gift baskets. When you're looking for items to include in gift baskets, try your local dollar store. They probably have tons of items that would make great additions to your baskets. The possibilities are endless!

Birthday in a Gift Basket – Include cake mix, frosting, and birthday candles. Wrap up a small birthday gift and card. Include birthday decorations and a banner.

Big Brother/Big Sister Kit – Older brothers or sisters can often feel left out when a new child is on the way. Surprise them with their own little gift. Fill a small childs back pack with a few small toys, crayons and coloring book, a disposable camera, and a special candy or snack. This is a great gift for a grandparent to give.

Breakfast Basket – Add waffle or pancake mix, coffee, hot chocolate, pancake molds. If this basket is going to a family with kids, add some ingredients to make flavored pancakes such as chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit. Muffin mix and a muffin tin are great alternatives for the breakfast basket. Include your favorite jam or marmalade.

Car Wash Gift Basket – Fill a tin or plastic bucket with items to wash a car such as soap, car safe sponges and cloths, glass cleaner, a squeegee, car wax, and gift certificates for cash washing or detailing.

Camper's Gift Basket – Fill a camping back pack with a compass, bug spray, suntan lotion, camping cooking tools, a utility knife, a flashlight, and a guide to camping in your area.

Chocolate Addict's Basket – Include everything chocolate! Cookies, candies, chocolate sauce, truffles, brownies and hot cocoa fit complete this basket. Novelty items such as chocolate roses, chocolate animals, or a chocolate cookbook can add a wonderful decorative element to your gift basket.

Cookie Basket – Add all the ingrients needed to make awesome cookies. Include assorted cookie cutters, cookie mix, chocolate chips, and nuts. You may even want to add a small cookie sheet. If you like, add icing, a decorating icing set and sprinkles to this basket.

Christmas Decorating Gift Basket – This is a great gift basket for someone who is away from home for the first time around the christmas season. Fill a basket with a small christmas tree, lights, ornaments, tinsel, candles, a small poinsettia, and christmas music.

Fiesta Basket – This is a great basket to make up for the 20-somethings. Add margarita mix, daquari mix, festive glasses, margarita salt, and liquor. Include instructions on how to make each drink!

Finals Week Gift Basket – This is a great gift basket to send to a new college student around test time. Add coffee, visine, relaxing music, gum, and pizza gift certificates.

First Car Gift Basket – This is a fun gift basket for someone who just bought their first car or any car enthusiest. Fill the basket with car oil, car wax, car wash gift cards, a tire guage, and a mileage log.

Fisherman's Basket – Fill up a tackle box with hooks, sinkers, fishing line, bait, and fishing books or magazines. If you can find one, include a guide to local fishing.

Gardener's Basket – Add seeds, small plants, garden tools, garden gloves, plant fertilizer and plant markers to a terra cotta flower pot.

Get Well Basket – Pack this basket with tissues, cough drops, chapstick, medicine, a soup bowl, chicken noodle soup, a good book, and a dvd.

Goldfish Basket – Fill a goldfish bowl with aquarium gravel, fish food, a fish net, a decorative gold fish castle to decorate the bowl, a gift certificate to your local pet store to purchase some gold fish and a book about goldfish.

Grandparents Gift Basket – This is a great basket to create for grandparents who might live far away from their grandkids. Fill the basket with homemade gifts made by your kids, your children's artwork, pictures of the kids, and long distance calling cards.

Ice Cream Sundae Basket – Add all of the ingredients needed to make the perfect ice cream sundae. Use nuts, cherries, sprinkles, cones, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel. Don't forget the sundae dishes, a scoop, and a gift certificate for ice cream.

Indulgence Basket – Include all of the things that will really spoil your recipient. Fine chocolates, caviar, bubble bath, massage oils, scented candles, relaxing music and champagne are great ideas for this basket.

Italian Basket – Fill a large pasta bowl with everything needed to have a wonderful Italian meal such as pasta, sauce, parmesan cheese, italian bread, garlic, italian spices, olive oil, biscotti and tongs. Don't forget to include your favorite Italian recipes or a small Italian cookbook.

Knitter's Gift Basket - Fill a basket or a yarn caddy with yarn, needles, and a pattern book. Be sure to include items so that a whole project can be finished.

Merry Christmas in a Basket – Add a christmas ornament, hot chocolate mix, christmas cookies, candles, and a Christmas book such as The Night Before Christmas.

Movie Basket – Include a dvd or gift certificate to their favorite video rental store. Add a microwave popcorn and movie candy.

New Baby Basket – Fill up a diaper bag with all the new baby essentials such as diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, bibs, a baby blanket, etc. As an alternative, fill a baby's bath tub with wash cloth, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, and a few bath toys to create a new baby's bathtime gift basket.

New Pet Basket – Fill a food and water dish with pet toys, collars, tags pet food, and pet treats.

Painter's Gift Basket – Fill a basket with an unfinished wood piece, paint, paint brushes, and a painting pattern or instruction book.

Pie Basket – Include all the ingriedients needs to make your own pie such as filling, pie shells, measuring spoons, etc. Don’t forget to add the recipe!

Puzzle Lover's Basket – Fill a basket with cross word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, a rubics cube, a book of brain teasers, and trivia games.

Road Trip Basket – Good for somewho who will be spending a long time in the car in the near future. Include scenic maps, disposable camera, car snacks, mixed cds, post cards and stamps, gift certificates for gas, and road games.

Runner's Gift Basket – Fill a tote bag with a water bottle, sweat band, a pedometer, a walkman with running music, power or protien bars and sport socks.

Salad Basket – Include salad dressing, a salad dressing shaker, croutons, bacon bits, salad tongs, and decorative napkins. Place all of these ingredients in a salad bowl or a salad spinner.

South of the Border Basket – Spice up your recipients life with dried chilis, salsa, rice, beans, and taco shells. If you like, include tequila and margarita mix as well.

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