Creative Baby Shower Themes

Want to come up with some new ideas for a baby shower? Here are some ideas to create a creative and successful baby shower.

Couples Showers

More and more these days, expectant dads want to be included in the baby showers. This is a great opportunity for men and women to celebrate the new baby together and share the fun! It’s important to avoid activities that are too geared towards women alone. Be sure to include some gifts for the new daddy to open. If you’re going to include the guys, you may also want to avoid the finger sandwiches and have an outdoor barbeque.

Crafty Party

Invite all the new mommy’s crafty friends and have each guest create a scrapbook page for the new baby. Leave spaces so that pictures can be added later. Guests could also decorate plain baby clothes such as bibs and tee-shirts with fabric paints.

Themed Nursery Shower

Many times parents like to have a theme for their nurseries (sun & moon, cartoon characters, teddy bears.) You can have your guests bring gifts that fit that theme and will help create their special themed baby’s room.

Educational Party

Instead of stuffed animals and cards, have you guests bring baby books and other educational items. Trivia games can be played to match up with the theme. As an alternative, you may have guests donate to starting the new baby’s college fund.

Growing Up Party

Often times, new parents get tons of gifts that are perfect for the baby when he or she first comes home but as the baby grows, there are plenty of items that are needed. Assign each of your guests, an age range and have them bring a gift for each developmental stage in the baby’s life.

Second Baby Showers

Some people may argue that it's a breach of etiquette to throw a shower for any baby but the first. They feel that these parents already have the things that the baby needs. On the other hand, many feel that it is important to celebrate the birth of every baby, not just the first. There are still plenty of things that the new baby will need such as diapers, formula, and nursing supplies. Also, if the new baby is a different sex or has been born in a different season as the last baby, new clothes may be needed. The new parents also may need a double stroller or a new car seat if the first child is still young.

Pamper Mommy Showers

It may be a great idea to throw a shower where the mommy-to-be is more of the focus. Plan activities that are pampering such as facials, manicures, and pedicures. Bring gifts such as gift cerficates to spas, homemade meals and baby sitting offers.

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