Working With Felt

Tips & Tricks - Working With Felt

  • Felt can be found in any craft store and is available in a wide array of colors for any occasion.
  • Felt retains its shape well, so it can be used in a variety of crafts.
  • It is very easy to work with which makes it great for kids! Unlike fabric, the edges won’t fray when cut so they can be left showing.
  • Use your old scissors to cut felt for your crafts, as it cutting felt will dull your good scissors very quickly.
  • Felt can be sewn together by hand or by machine. For those who hate to sew, felt can also be glued together with simple white glue!
  • Felt is also the perfect material for doing many “adult crafts” from pillows to purses to home accessories. It makes great material for appliqué projects since the edges don’t need to be turned under.

Projects Using Felt

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