All About Gel Wax

Always use liquid dye for gel candles. This will keep your gel candles clear.

Gel wax is famous for creating bubbles. Some people like them and some people don't. Here are some tips for avoiding bubbles.

  • Avoid over stirring. The more stirring, the better chance for making bubbles.
  • If you're using embeds in your wax, they may be causing the extra bubbles. Try dipping the embeds in hot gel first and allow them to dry and them use them in your candles.
  • Preheat your container before you pour your wax. You can do this with a heat gun or by placing your container in the oven at a low temperature for a few minutes.
  • Hold your pouring wax down close to your container as your pour. If you hold it up too high this may create bubbles.
  • Choose your fragrances carefully. Some fragrances will create more bubbles. If you're getting bubbles and you're following the rest of these tips, it may by your fragrance oil. Try using another.

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