Scrapbooking Albums

No matter what kind of album you choose, always be sure to get one that is made from acid-free/lignin-free materials. This will prevent your memories from yellowing as time passes.


The two most popular sizes of albums, 8 1/2" x 11" and 12"x12". The only real deciding factor here is how much information you would like to put on each page. If you envision several photos, lots of embellishments and written text, you may want to go for the larger album.

You can also choose smaller albums such as 2"x3", 5"x7", or 6"x6". These make great little gifts or albums that you can slip into your purse to show anyone, anywhere. Since these albums are so small you probably wouldnt want to use these for the majority of your scrapbooking.


There are 3 main types of albums, 3-ring, post-bound, or strap-bound.

Three-ring albums

Three-ring albums are the most popular because they make it very easy to rearrange your pages to your desire. They are bound with 3 steel rings. The rings are usually very large and will rule out down a two page spread on adjacent pages.

Post-bound albums

These are albums that are bound by 2 or 3 steels posts or screws. These albums are make it slightly harder to rearrange pages but your pages will lie flat without any separation between pages.

Strap-bound albums

The difference with this album is that the entire album must be taken apart to rearrange your pages.

Spiral Albums

These are bound together with a spiral like normal notebooks are. You cannot add new pages or rearrange your pages with this type of album.

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