Scrapbooking Supplies

Remember you certainly dont need to purchase all of these items to create beautiful scrapbooks. I have found that it works best to start out simple and add new items and tools as you see fit. If you have friends who also scrapbook you may want to share or pool your equipment. Hold a scrapbooking night where everyone brings in their personal die cuts, stamps, scissors or other equipment to share with the group.

  • Albums - There are many different types, styles, and colors of albums to choose from
  • Refill Pages - Often times albums dont come with very many pages inside so you may wish to purchase some extra pages for your scrapbook. Make sure you get the right kind of pages for your album.
  • Page Protectors - Page protectors keep your pages safe from water and oils from handling. Some albums come with these included.
  • Adhesive - Be sure to get an adhesive that is acid free so that you can use it for photos.
  • Scissors - You will need a good sharp pair of scissors. A large pair will come in handy for general cutting. Smaller scissors are better for detailed manuvering.
  • Paper Trimmer - The 12 inch variaty is a good size. Look for ease of use and safety here.
  • Card Stock - Look for muli-colored packs to get the most for your money. Card stock comes in three different weights; light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy- weight/cover-weight. Light weight card stock is perfect for when you want to use craft punches or decorative scissors. Medium weight card stock is a general purpose paper for most anything. Heavy weight card stock is best for your backgrounds as it will make your pages sturdy.
  • Printed Paper - You should really purchase these with your specific page designs in mind as these get outdated quickly and can be difficult to store without damage.
  • Pens - Be sure to use permanant, water-proof, acid-free pens so that your scrapbook pages will look perfect for a long time to come.
  • Photo Corners - Used to secure photos on a page. These corners can also add a decorative element to your pages.
  • Embellishments - stickers, buttons, pressed flowers, eyelets, dyecuts, stamps, brads, fibers, gems
  • Die Cutting Machine - You can create your own perfect shapes and letters for your scrapbook
  • Red Eye Pen - Take an erie picture to perfect by removing any red eyes from photos.
  • Rulers - You will need this to line your page elements up to your liking.
  • Corner rounder - Used to shape square corners into curved or rounded corners.
  • Craft Punches - Craft punches can be found in tons of different shapes. The shapes that are produced can be used to decorate your pages.
  • Decorative scissors - These scissors can create wonderfully decorative edges on your page elements.

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