Candle Additives

Additives are used to improve the performance and appearance of your candles. These are some of the most popular candle additives.

  • Stearic Acid (Stearin) - A white powder or granule which raises the melting point of your wax which allows it to burn longer. Stearic acid will give your candle colors a pastel look. Do not use steric acid in flexible/rubber molds because it will eat away at the rubber. You may not want to use stearic acid in container candles since in these candles you want to burn off the wax and not leave it around the sides of the container. If you decide to use stearic acid, the typical amount to use is 2-4 tablespoons per pound of wax and simply melt it with your wax base.
  • Vybar - Vyber has similar effects as stearic acid. It can increase the burn time of your candle. Also, vyber enhances the finish of candles giving a creamy opaque look. Vybar also helps to eliminates air bubbles. Vybar can be used in flexable molds. You should use 1 tsp per pound of wax.
  • Luster Crystals - Luster Crystals raise the melting point of wax and allows candles to burn about twice as long as regular paraffin wax. It also causes your colors to become brighter and more opaque. Luster crystals will also improve gloss and sheen. Like stearic acid, you will probably not want to use luster crystals for container candles. You should use no more than 1 tsp per pound of wax. You must melt these crystals separately from your wax as you will need to heat it to a much higher temperature.
  • Clear Crystals - Clear Crystals have the same properties as luster crystals except that they do not cause your candles to become more opaque.
  • Snowflake Oil - Snowflake oil is used as a decorative element to create a snowflake effect. Follow manufacturer's directions to determine amounts to use.

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