Chunk Votive Candle

These candles have an interesting texture and color and are becoming very popular in many candle and gift shops. You can make them at home easily at a fraction of the price.

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Supply List

  • Pre-made votive wax chunks (We used purple chunks)
  • Votive wax for the overpour
  • Fragrance of your choice
  • Dye of your choice (We used white dye, but this is optional)
  • Pre-tabbed votive wicks


  • Votive mold
  • Double boilier
  • Candy thermometer


  1. Place your Crafter's Touch votive wax for the overpour into your double boiler on medium heat and begin to melt it.
  2. While your wax is melting, you can prepare your votive cups. Place a pre-tabbed wick in each votive mold. Fill around the wick with your votive wax chunks. If you like, fill it high enough so some chunks are sticking out above the level of the mold for a visually interesting look.

  3. When the overpour wax has reached approximately 170 degrees (follow your manufacturers instructions for exact temperature), remove from heat and add any dye you'd like to use. Stir throughly.
  4. Add your fragrance oil if desired. Stir throughly.
  5. Slowly pour the wax over the chunks in your mold until the mold is full.

  6. Allow the wax to completely cool

  7. Flip the mold over and the chunk votive will pop out.

How To Make Your Own Chunks

  1. Melt your Crafter's Touch votive wax in a double-boiler to 180 degrees.
  2. Prepare an old cookie sheet by spraying it with a thin layer of non-stick cooking spray or silicon lubricant. Wipe the tray to remove any excess spray. You will need to use a cookie sheet that has a rim all the way around it.
  3. When your wax has reached 180 degrees, carefully pour it into your cookie sheet. Try to pour the wax evenly to avoid splashes.
  4. Let your wax cool to the point where it is solid but still soft. Use a knife to slice through the wax in a criss-cross pattern making the chunks as large as you want for your candle. If you're making a votive candle, you will want fairly small chunks whereas if you are making a pillar candle, you may want larger chunks.
  5. Allow your wax to cool and you will be able to separate the chunks by hand.

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