Crayon Batik

Turn your crayon designs into beautiful batik works of art.

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Supply List

  • Crayons
  • Drawing Paper
  • Black Acrylic Paint


  • Sponge Brush
  • Iron


  • Draw a colorful design on the drawing paper in crayon. Be sure to color heavily and fill the entire page.
  • When you've finished the drawing, take your design and crumple it into a ball. The more you crumple it, the more black will show. The less you crumple it, the more colors will show.
  • Next paint over your design with the black paint. Quickly take your damp sponge and wipe off the paint. The paint will stay in the cracks of the paper and wipe off the crayon. You may want to work with small sections at a time so that the paint doesn't have a chance to dry.
  • When you're done, allow the drawing to completely dry.
  • Finally flatten your design with you hands and place it between to white sheets of paper. Iron the sandwiched drawing at a low setting and you're done!

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