Melt & Pour Chocolate Lollipops

You can find molds and colors of chocolate to fit any holiday. Kids and adults alike will love these novelty treats!

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Supply List

  • Chocolate Candy Melts in Desired Colors
  • Lollipop Sticks


  • Microwave or Double Boiler
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Lollipop Molds
  • Small Paint Brush


If you are using a microwave:
  1. Put candies in disposable bags and twist the bag closed loosely. You will need one bag for each color you will be using.
  2. Microwave at half power for 30 seconds and knead bag.
  3. Microwave at 15 second intervals until melted fully.
If you are using a double boiler:
  1. Put candies in upper pan. Fill lower pan with water.
  2. Heat water to a low boil. Be sure to stir continuously until melted completely.
Adding Details:
  1. If you are using the microwaved disposable bags, squeeze some of the melted chocolate onto a a bowel or a plate. If you are using a double boiler, you can pour into a smaller bowl, or use the chocolate straight from the double boiler.
  2. Use your paint brush to paint in the details of your mold with the desired colors of chocolate.
  3. Refridgerate mold until the chocolate is firm
Fill the rest of the mold:
  1. Fill the rest of the mold by squeezing from the disposable bags or spooning from a bowl.
  2. Place the lollipop sticks in the appropriate place and rotate around to cover the end of the stick completely.
  3. Once filled tap the mold against a counter to remove any air bubbles in the chocolate.
  4. Refridgerate until solid.
  5. Remove lollipops from mold by flipping the mold over and gently tapping against a counter.

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