Whipped Candles

These candles come out with a wonderfully rich texture that you will love!

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Supply List

  • Finished Candle (You can use a candle that you have made or store bought candle)
  • Colored and Scented Wax


  • Double Boiler
  • Hand Wire Beater or a Fork


  1. Heat your wax to a moderate temperature.
  2. Remove your wax from the heat and allow to cool until you can see a skin forming on the top.
  3. Use your fork or wire beater to whip up the wax.
  4. As your wax hardens, you can begin to cover your candle with the whipped wax. Continue until your entire candle is covered with wax.
  5. You can experiment by creating a smoother or a more crazy surface to create different effects.

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