Ice Cream in a Baggie

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Supply List

  • ½ cup Milk (Whole milk works best)
  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract (try substituting other extracts for different flavors of ice cream)
  • 8 tbsp Salt (Table salt, rock salt, or kosher salt will all work)
  • Ice


  • 1 gallon Ziploc Bag
  • 1 quart Ziploc Bag


  1. Fill the quart Ziploc bag with the milk, sugar and vanilla extract. Seal the bag tightly.
  2. Fill your gallon Ziploc bag half full of ice. Place your quart Ziploc bag with the milk mixture inside of the gallon bag. Seal the gallon bag tightly.
  3. Shake/Toss/Roll/Flip/Dance with the bag for about 15 minutes. The bag may get quite cold and you can wrap it in a towel to insulate yourself from the cold.
  4. Carefully remove the inner bag and enjoy your ice cream!

Why does this work? The salt in your outer bag lowers the freezing point of the ice. This allows your ice cream mixture to freeze easily.

Tips: Experiment with other flavors of ice cream by replacing the vanilla extract any of the following: cocoa powder, maple syrup, honey, peppermint extract, almond extract, cinnamon, instant coffee granules or expresso powder.

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