My Favorite Things Layout

This special scrapbooking layout documents your loved one's favorite things! This is a nice addition to a child's scrapbook and can be repeated every couple of years to show how much your child has changed.

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Supply List

  • Card Stock in Multiple Colors


  • Paper Cutter
  • Glue Stick
  • Marker


  1. Interview the person you'd like to create the layout about regarding their favorite things. Use our questions as a starting point and feel free to add your own.
  2. On small pieces of white paper, write down the responses. If you prefer computer scrapping, you could use a word processing application to type them in and print them out. You will also need one large piece of white card stock for your for the title which will go in the center of the layout.
  3. Create borders for the pieces of white paper using your paper cutter and various colors of card stock. Also create a border for your title.
  4. Glue the white pieces of card stock to the borders that you've created.
  5. Arrange your pieces on a whole piece of white card stock. When you're satisfied with the look, glue them in place.

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