Wine Bottle Lamp

This isn't entirely a food craft, but it seemed like the best category. This is a great project for those gorgeous wine bottles that you just can't bear to throw out.

(Project Submitted by Gail Grover. Thanks Gail!)

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Supply List

  • Wine Bottle
  • Set of christmas lights (We used 25 count regular lights. The small rice lights work great as well.)
  • Decorations (We used some ribbon and a bunch of faux grapes to embellish the lamp.)


  • Drill with a diamond or glass cutting bit
  • Eye protection, thick gloves, and long sleeves


  1. Throughly wash and dry your wine bottle.
  2. Wearing protective eyewear, thick gloves and long sleeves, carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the wine bottle. As always, be very careful when working with glass. The hole will need to be large enough so that you can thread the christmas tree lights inside.
  3. Carefully, thread the christmas tree lights inside of the bottle. It may take some fussing to get them suspended nicely throughout the bottle.
  4. Embellish the bottle as you like. We tied a ribbon and attached a bunch of faux grapes to finish the look.
  5. While using this lamp, never leave it unattended and monitor its use to be sure that it doesn't get too hot. Some christmas lights get very hot and aren't appropriate for this project, so it may take some experimentation.

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