Save Money in the Kitchen


Here’s a few simple tips to help you save a little bit here and there in the kitchen!


  • When your recipe calls for a small amount of herbs or veggies, don’t let the rest go to waste.  Chop them up and freeze them in a freezer bag.  That way, they’re ready for use in your next recipe.  Saves time and money next time around!

  • Next time you create an ingredient or labor intensive meal, double it up and make two at once.  Your family can enjoy the first one now and freeze the second one for later.  This way you can buy larger packages of ingredients which often will save you money ounce for ounce.


  • Take a quick inventory cupboards and freezer looking for items that are due to expire and need to be eaten.  Everyone has a bag of lentils, a package of frozen meat, or can of veggies that have been sitting around for a while.  Once you have a list, search the web for recipes.  You’ll prevent waste and get to try out new recipes in the process.


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