Surprise Coupons in your Red Plum Circular - 6/25

There were some surprise coupons in this week’s Red Plum circular. (Everyone should get one of these in the mail on Fridays.)  Along with the usual coupons for local Pizza places there was a coupon on the back cover for Buy One Febreeze Fabric Refresher, Get One Free.  I’m thinking that with a decent sale at one of the drug stores, we should be able to get some very cheap Febreeze within the next couple of weeks.

There was also a McDonalds coupon booklet which I wouldn’t usually be terribly interested in but they had four coupons for their specialty/coffee drinks which I’d like to try!  I like Starbucks Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and hopefully I'll be using the coupon for a FREE frozen strawberry lemonade at McDonalds this weekend.  Here’s the other McDonald Coupons:




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