Dorado - A Central American Restaurant

Let me start out by saying that I really wanted to like Dorado – a little Central American Bistro on Park Ave.  I am a huge fan of this type of food and was really looking forward to adding a new restaurant to my list of favorites. 


My companion and I decided to get take-out instead of eating in the restaurant and that may have been a mistake.  We ended up ordering two appetizers – the Trio of house made guacamole and seasonal salsas with warm tortilla chips and the quesadilla.  My first disappointment was that the tortilla chips appeared to be typical store bought chips.  My favorite Mexican/Central American restaurants have warm freshly made chips and I have simply come to expect it.  The guacamole and salsas were fresh but unremarkable.  While we enjoyed the quesadilla, it was poorly packaged for take-out.  The salsa that came with it was simply plopped in the take-out container and it was very juicy.  As you might have guessed, it completely soaked the bottom layer of the quesadilla.  To remedy this, the cook would have simply had to put the salsa in a small plastic cup like it had been packaged for the Trio.


For our entrees we tried Carne Asada Tacos and the Mexican Spicy Fish.  The Tacos were pretty standard and all the flavor came from the grilled onions which were their best feature.  Once again the bottoms were soggy due to the salsa that was put directly in the container.  In addition, two small tacos for $11 seemed a bit pricy. 


If we had to pick a favorite, it would have been the Mexican Spicy Fish.  The flavors that had been missing in the other dishes were found in this marinated mahi mahi dish.  There was an ample portion and the beans and rice that were served with this dish paired nicely with the spices.


In conclusion, while I was disappointed, I would try the restaurant again before passing final judgment.  Next time, I would try dining in, as maybe the full level of effort you get inside the restaurant didn’t happen to go into our take-out.  If any of my readers are fans of Dorado, I would be interested to hear what your favorite dishes are.


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