Local Treasures - Dogtown

To put it bluntly, Dogtown is bit of a hole in the wall.  Trust me, this is not always a bad thing.  Once you get past the unassuming diner-like look and feel, you’ll realize that Dogtown is not your average hot dog stand. 


Located on Monroe Ave, Dogtown features 20 different varieties of hotdogs with just about any topping you could ever want.  The dogs are served with Rochester’s favorite Zweigle hotdogs by default or for a little more, you can substitute a 100% beef dog, a veggie dog, or a footlong Zweigle.  One of our favorite dogs has to be the Cincinnati red dog which comes covered in cheddar cheese and the special Dogtown sauce (a Cincinnati-style chili with the interesting addition of cinnamon and allspice.) 

If you don’t feel like a hotdog, Dogtown also offers a variety of sandwiches, sausages, and junkyard plates (Think garbage plates.)  Word to the wise - when place your order at Dogtown don’t overlook the sides.  While they do offer regular fries, we tried their home fries and sweet potato fries.  They came in generous portions and both were excellent. 


One feature that sets Dogtown apart is that it is surprisingly friendly to vegetarians.  You don’t expect to step into a place that serves hotdogs and find much for a non-meat eater.  Dogtown goes above and beyond.  Every day, you can get a veggie dog, a veggie burger, veggie Italian sausage, a grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich, or a cheesy concoction called a Mushroom Meltdown.  They also make a veggie chili and a homemade veggie soup each and every day.  Also, if you stop in on a Thursday, look for their handmade vegan burgers.  The day we visited they had a mushroom walnut burger that was very tempting.


If you’re thinking of hitting Dogtown for lunch, just be aware that it can get pretty busy and tables can fill up fast.  We noticed that a lot of people phoned their orders in and picked up their orders to-go.  If you need a late-night dog, you’re in luck because Dogtown is open until 11pm Monday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday.


Our suggestion, give Dogtown a try and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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