Need a Unique Gift? Try Craft Company No 6!

Looking for a unique gift?  Don’t overlook what’s in our own back yard.  Rochester has a wonderful shop full of handmade arts and crafts called Craft Company No. 6.  This local treasure has been located at 785 University Ave for 29 years and I’m still surprised at how many Rochestarians have never heard of it.


To get inside the Craft Company, you’ll first walk through an outdoor courtyard full of bird feeders, garden sculptures, and a wide variety of lawn ornaments designed for any garden enthusiast.  Continue into the Craft Company building you’ll see that it is arranged into different rooms of a house.  You’ll walk though a kitchen with homemade gourmet foods.   You’ll see a room arranged to look like a country cabin with all kinds of furnishings for your own country retreat.  One room is even designed with everything you need to decorate your bathroom!  The main room downstairs has a ton of gorgeous handmade jewelry – which I guarantee will be appreciated by any recipient.      


Once, you think you’ve seen everything, continue upstairs and you’ll find a whole new floor filled with arts and crafts including a room focused on fine jewelry if you’re looking for a higher price point for that special someone.


To get just a tiny peak at some of what the Craft Company has to offer, here’s an ornament I bought at Christmas time for my mom.

On the same visit, I couldn’t resist a little gift for my own kitchen as well.

While you might not necessarily save money shopping at the Craft Company, you will be supporting local artisans and you will always get a lovely handmade gift.  Sometimes, the Craft Company does offer discounts on particular items.  For instance from March 1-15, you will get 20% off work from their talented women artists in celebration of the contributions of women.  Check their E-news page to get any current discounts that are being offered.


Next time you’re looking for a gift give them a try!  I’d love to see what you get!


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