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So if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know by now that I have a very long mental list of products that that I would never pay regular price to obtain.  Well the good news is that I have another item to add to the list – take-out pizza.  Read on and I’ll show you know to use the Internet to great deals on Papa John’s pizza.



The next time you want to order pizza, take a look at the Papa John’s website.  Click on the Menu & Specials and you’ll see a whole list of the current specials available.  For instance, right now you can get a large pizza with unlimited toppings for $10.  The regular price for a large cheese pizza is $10.99 with an additional $1.59 for each topping.  The chart below shows what you can save on a simple pizza, just by knowing where to look for the deals.


Large Pizza with Pepperoni & Mushrooms

Regular Menu Price

$10.99 + $3.18 (2 Toppings) = $14.17

Email Special





Another way to find specials for Papa John’s is to register on their website.  When you do, be sure to click the box to sign up for special email offers.  About once a week, you’ll get an email with offers not found on their website.  For instance, the last email I received had an offer for an extra large pizza with up to four toppings for $11.99.  Just look at the savings below!


Extra Large Pizza with Four Toppings

Regular Menu Price

$12.99 + $7.16 (4 Toppings) = $20.15

Email Special





Saving money is all about knowing where to look to find the best deals.  Follow my blog and you’ll be amazed by how fast the savings add up.


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