Too Many Veggies -- Don't Waste Them With These Tips

I love gardening and veggies but sometimes a thriving garden can be overwhelming.  Here’s a few tips to make use of your extra produce this fall.


Too Many Cherry Tomatoes


While our regular tomato plants didn’t produce very well this year, we had an abundance of cherry tomatoes.  I got sick of making salads so I decided to make some oven-dried cherry tomatoes.  It was very easy.  Preheat your over to 200 degrees.  Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and place them cut side up on a baking sheet.  Give them a little sprinkle of salt and bake them until they shrivel up a little.  This took me about 3 hours.  These little oven dried tomatoes were so flavorful and tasted great tossed with pasta, garlic and a little olive oil. 


Too Many Peppers


Peppers freeze really well.  Simply wash them and julienne them.  Then spread them out on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer.  If you freeze them this way, they won’t stick together.  Once they are frozen, simply place them in freezer bags in amounts that you would use for a meal (I like to use them in stir-frys.) 


Too Many Green Beans


The bean variety we planted this year continued to produce straight through from July to September.  I tossed them into salads, pastas, and side dishes, but I have to admit around September I was getting a little sick of them.  A friend suggested a little trick that may sound silly but worked for us!  Try French cutting the beans.  Simply cutting them a new way made them taste entirely different.  I tossed the French cut beans with slivered almonds, some canned fried onions, and a little lemon juice and they were delicious!


Too Many Zucchini


Grate up the zucchini like you would for zucchini bread.  Place it in freezer bags in the amount that your zucchini bread recipe calls for.  This winter when you’re craving some warm zucchini bread, thaw your zucchini and use it in your recipe.  Works like a charm!


Too Many Vegetables in General


Do you have more vegetables than you can use?  Consider taking your extra veggies into your office or workplace.  Simply place a cup with a sign that says “Take Some and Leave a Quarter.”  I have a friend who loves to garden and does this.  Her coworkers love the cheap fresh veggies and she uses the money to buy seeds and plants for next year.

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