You Need a Wegmans Shoppers Club Card!

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a Wegmans Shoppers Club Card?  Get them to sign up!  My boyfriend’s parents, who live in New Hampshire, were visiting us recently.  They went to pick up a couple of groceries at Wegmans and a couple of items they had in their cart were on sale but they didn’t have a card.    The very helpful cashier signed them up on the spot and gave them a promotional Wegmans magazine that had some amazing coupons in them.  We got coupons for a free bottle of Wegmans basting oil and a free reusable shopping bag.  Also, there were $1 off coupons on Wegmans finishing butter and Wegmans bakery bread. 


If anyone else has done this, let me know if you get the same great coupons!

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