$1 off Wegmans Organic Broth


 Like a lot of people these days, I try to buy organic when it's possible.  So when there's a good deal on organic products, I stock up.  Print out this $1 off coupon on Wegmans Organic Broth and you can pick up a 32 oz container for $1.50.  It comes in chicken, beef, or vegetable.

Expires: 1/26/2013




$1.29 Wasa Crispbread at Wegmans


$.75 coupon - any one Wasa - (coupons.com)

I love these crackers for entertaining.  They look so fancy with slice of cheese and pepperoni and they make the simpliest appetizers ever!  With this printable coupon you an pick up a package for only $1.29 at Wegmans.


Wasa Crispbread, 9.2 to 9.7 oz - $2.79 

$.75 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $1.29





$.55 Coupon for Hillshire Farms Deli Select



$.55 coupon - any one package of Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat (8oz or larger) - (hillshirefarm.com)

Lunchmeat is an item an item that seems to take up a big part of my grocery budget, but my family just can't seem to live without.  We tend to eat sandwiches for lunch just about every day so I'm always on the lookout for coupons!  If I can get packaged lunchmeat cheaper than at the deli counter, it goes on my list.  Here's the math if you use your coupon at Wegmans:

Turkey Breast: $4.24/lb (Wegmans Deli: $5.99/lb)

Honey Ham: $4.24/lb (Wegmans Deli: $8.49/lb)

Roast Beef: $4.79/lb (Wegmans Deli: $7.99-10.99/lb)


Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat, 8 to 9 oz - $3.49 

$.55 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $2.39



$.69 Duncan Hines Cake at Wegmans



$.50 coupon - one Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix - (coupons.smartsource.com)

I'm looking forward to treating my family with an inexpensive red velvet cake this weekend.  And it's only going to cost me $.69 (plus a few eggs and a bit of vegetable oil!)  Enjoy!


Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix 18.25 oz - $1.69 

$.50 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $.69



$2.29 Perdue Chicken Nuggets at Wegmans



$.75 coupon - one Perdue Refrigerated Breaded Chicken - (facebook.com)

So it's true that I don't want my family eating chicken nuggets every night.  That being said, once in a while, momma needs a break from the kitchen!  You can throw these in the oven, heat up a frozen veggie and call it a day!


Perdue Chicken Breast Nuggets 12oz - $3.79 

$.75 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $2.29






$.99 Stayfree at Wegmans


If you're not using your buy one get one Stayfree coupon from last Sunday's paper at CVS, you can also get a pretty good deal at Wegmans.  Wegmans has the 18 to 24 ct Stayfree pads on sale for $1.99 and with your coupon you can get 2 for $.99 each.  Who says you can't get a good deal at Wegmans?


Stayfree Pads 18 to 24ct - $1.99 (with Shoppers Club Card)

BOGO Coupon from SS 1/6/2013

Final Price: 2/$1.99 ($.99 each)



Campbell's Go Soup Only $1 at Wegmans



$1.00 coupon - one Campbell's Go Soup - (facebook.com)

 All I want to eat in January is soup and homemade bread!  This deal will give me a chance to try Campbell's newest premium Soup "Campbell's Go Soup."  I think the Chicken & Quinoa with Poblano Chilis sounds pretty good and there are five other flavors.


Campbell's Go Soup - $2.00 (with Shoppers Club Card)

$1.00 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $1.00