Tops: Stock Up Deals of the Week Starting 5/28

Here's what I'll be stocking up on this week!  At least half of these deals are part of the 3 Day Sale that starts on 6/1 so you might want to consider postponing your shopping trip until then!

1.  California Cherries - $3.48/lb (3 Day Sale Starting 6/1)

I look forward to cherry season every year and this is the best price I've seen so far!  If you buy too many and you're afraid they'll go bad, remember cherries freeze well and are perfect for smoothies or baked goods later in the year!

2.  Russet Potatoes 5lbs or Sweet Potatoes 3lbs - BOGO

My kids are loving sweet potatoes lately and they're so easy to cook.  I just stab them with a fork a few times and cook them in the microwave until they're soft.  Add a little butter and they're so yummy!

3.  Hormel Pork Loins 24oz - BOGO

I try to keep a couple of these in the freezer for busy nights.  Throw them in the oven or on the grill and you have an easy main course.

4.  Large Eggs, dozen - $.79 (3 Day Sale Starting 6/1)

This is a better price than Wegmans right now.  The Family pack at Wegmans is $2.49 (or $.83/dozen).

5.  Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter 6.5 to 15oz - 2/$4 (-$1/2 Click to Card Coupon) = 2/$3

This is the only kind of spreadable butter/margarine I will buy.  So much better than anything else I've tried so I always stock up when it's on sale.

6.  Galbani Ricotta Cheese 28 to 32oz - $3.99 (-$1/1 Click to Card Coupon) = $2.99

Also, a better price than Wegmans ($3.99 for the Wegmans brand) and I like Galbani Ricotta better than the Wegmans brand.

7.  Thomas' English Muffins - $1.77 (3 Day Sale Starting 6/1)

If you didn't fill up your freezer a few weeks ago when these were on sale for $1.46 each, now might be the time to do it!  Better than Wegmans price of $2.29.

Chi-Chi's Tortillas - $.70 each at Tops

 $.55/2 coupon - any two Chi-Chi's Salsas or Tortillas - (

My son will eat anything if it's rolled up in a wrap.  He loves breakfast wraps with egg, cheese, and meat or turkey rolled up in a wrap for lunch.  If my son isn't crazy about what we're having for dinner, sometimes I just roll it up in a wrap and he gobbles it up.  

According to my price book, $.75 is a stock up price so if you use wraps, be sure to take advantage of this deal this week!


Buy 2 Chi-Chi's Wraps, flour or whole wheat 16oz BOGO - 2/$2.49

$.55/2 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: 2/$1.39 ($.70 each)



Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 6/9/2013




Margherita Sliced Pepperoni 4.5 to 6oz – Buy 2 Get 3 Free


Jennie-O Fresh Ground Turkey 93% Lean 1.25lb – 2/$8 (Bonus Monopoly)


Lloyd’s BBQ Tub Singles 4oz – 10/$10

$1/1 Printable Coupon = FREE

$1/1 from SS 6/9 = FREE




Georgia Peaches - $1.47/lb


Zucchini or Yellow Summer Squash - $1.18/lb


Romaine, Green Leaf or Red Leaf Lettuce - $1.18/lb




President Crumbled Feta 6oz – BOGO (2/$5.49)

$2/2 Printable Coupon

Final Price: 2/$3.49




General Mills Cereal Cheerios 14oz, Lucky Charms 11.5oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2oz – 4/$10

$.50/1 Cheerios Printable Coupon doubled

$1/2 Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms Printable Coupon

$.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Printable Coupon doubled

$.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Saving Star Offer

$.50/1 Lucky Charms Printable Coupon doubled (No Longer Available)

$.50/1 Lucky Charms Saving Star Offer

$.75/1 Cheerios Click to Card Coupon


Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 5/26/2013


Don’t forget that Tops is still running the Monopoly game and you can still earn Gas Points this week!




Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks Big Pack - $.99/lb


Italian Sausage Links or Patties Big Pack - $2.69/lb




Georgia Peaches - $.99/lb


Fresh Express Salad Blends and Baby Blends 4.5 to 12oz – 2/$5 (Bonus Monopoly)


Organically Grown Earthbound Farm Salads 5oz - $2.99


Sabra Guacamole 10oz - $2.99

$1 Tops Catalina Coupon

Final Price: $1.99




President Chunk Feta 8oz – BOGO (2/$6.59)

$2/2 Printable Coupon

Final Price: 2/$4.59


Lactaid Milk 96oz - $4.99

$.50/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $3.99


Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 4/28/2013


Looks like it’s another relatively slow week for me.  Good week to stock up on taco supplies and don’t forget match up your Monopoly coupons with sales.

Fresh Meat & Produce

Pork Spareribs - $1.88/lb

Jennie-O Fresh Ground Turkey 93% lean, 1.25lb – 2/$8 (Bonus Monopoly)

$1/2 Printable Coupon

Final Price: 2/$7


Tops Large Eggs, dozen – 10/$10

$.25 Tops Monopoly Coupon

Final Price: 1/$.75

Heluva Good Chunk Cheese 8oz – 2/$4


Digiorno 12” Pizza 27.9 to 34.2oz – 2/$11

$1.50/1 Digiorno Pizzeria Pizza Printable Coupon

Final Price: 1/$4


Mueller’s Pasta 12oz - $1

$.55/1 Mueller’s Hidden Veggie (if included in sale)

Final Price: FREE

Old El Paso Dinner Kits 8.8 to 14oz – BOGO (2/$3.59) (Bonus Monopoly)

$.75/1 Click to Card Coupon

Final Price: 2/$2.84 ($1.42 each)


Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 4/21/2013


I didn’t find too much to be excited about this week.  My pantry is pretty well stocked so it’s not that big a deal.  I’d love to see other deals if anyone has them!

Fresh Meat & Produce

Bananas - $.39/lb

Sweet Vidalia Onions - $.99/lb

Earthbound Farms Organic Farm Salads 5oz – 2/$5

$.75 coupon doubled

Final Price: 1/$1


Weight Watcher’s Spreadable Cheese Wedges 4oz – 10/$10

$1/1 Printable Coupon

Final Price: 1/FREE

Land O Lakes Buttery Taste Spread or Spreadable Butter 6.5 to 15oz – 2/$4

$.50/1 Printable Coupon

$1/2 Coupon from SS 3/10

Final Price: 1/$1


Edy’s Outshine Bars 14.7 to 18oz – 2/$6

(Buy 2 Edy’s Fruit Bars Get 1 Coconut Water Bars 6ct Free)

$2/1 Printable Coupon (No Longer Available)

$1/1 Coupon

Final Price: 1/$1


Lays Potato Chips – 2/$5 (Bonus Monopoly)

Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine 6 to 12oz – 5/$10

$1.50/6 Tops Catalina Coupon

Final Price: 6/$10.50 ($1.75 each)


Free Pure Leaf Iced Tea at Tops Next Week (4/21-4/27)


$.95/1 coupon - any 18.5 oz bottle of Pure Leaf Iced Tea - (

 I would print this one out right away if you're interested -- I don't expect it to stick around very long.  Make sure you say that you have not tried it and simply watch a short video and you will be able to print this high value coupon!


Pure Leaf Iced Tea 18.5oz - $1 (Sale Price 4/21 to 4/27)

$.95/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: FREE


$.50 Beech Nut Stage 4 Puree Pouches at Tops


$.75/3 coupon - any three Beech-Nut Stage 4 or Stage 5 Puree or Yogurt Pouches - (

 When you're in a hurry or on the road, these pouches can be a lifesaver! Baby can feed himself a healthy snack and you can take care of what needs to be done.  I'm really not sure what moms did before these were invented!  :)


Buy 3 Beech Nut Fruities Stage 4 or Yogurt Pouches Stage 4 @ $1.00 - $3.00

$.75/3 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: 3/$1.50 ($.50 each)


Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 4/14/2013


The Monopoly game is starting back up at Tops this week.  You get a monopoly ticket each time you shop and an extra ticket for each bonus Monopoly item that you buy.  You can then win prizes and free products.  (And it makes shopping a little more fun!)


Fresh Meat & Produce

Asparagus - $1.99/lb

Red Seedless, Black Seedless, or Red Globe Grapes - $1.99/lb

Whole Chicken - $.99/lb

Full Circle Fresh Whole Frying Chicken (Antibiotic Free) - $1.69/lb


Tops Large Eggs 18ct – 2/$4

Cabot Chunk Cheese 6 to 8oz – 2/$4

Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt – 10/$10 (Bonus Monopoly)

$.60/2 Printable Coupon doubled

$.50/2 SavingStar Offer

Final Price: 2/$.30


Weight Watchers Smart Ones Classic Entrees – 5/$10

$3/10 Peelie found at Tops

Final Price: 10/$17

Ore Ida French Fries 19 to 32oz – 2/$5

Spend $20 Get $5 Saving Star Offer


$12 Amerks Tickets Sponsored by Tops


 Looking for a fun activity for the kids?  The Rochester Americans and Tops are holding a Fan Appreciation Night on 4/20/2013 at the Blue Cross Arena when they play the Hamilton Bulldogs.  You can purchase tickets for only $12 each through the Amerks website when you enter Promo Code: TOPS.  Tickets normally run between $15 and $20 so this is a decent savings for a fun night out!