My Favorite Money Saving Links of the Week


Here’s a random list of some great money saving links that I’ve collected this week.


Give a Day to Charity.  Get a Day at Disney!


Starting January 1, 2010, when you sign up and volunteer for a day with a participating organization, you get free one-day admission to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  I love this idea and hope to participate in the coming year!


Operation Hang up


Starting this week, New York State police are cracking down on drivers talking on cell phones.  If you are caught talking on your cell while driving you will face a $160 fine.  Save money and hang up!



Shopping Walgreens for Newbies

I’ve heard from some people that they’re not sure how to get the best deals at Walgreens.  Hopefully to clear things up, I’ve written up a little primer to help you understand how it all works.


What Are Register Rewards (RR)?



9 Grocery Items That You Should Never Pay Full-Price

There are some items that go on sale so frequently that you should really never buy them full-price.  It will take a little patience and practice, but this list will help you get an idea of grocery items that often have coupons and sales that can be combined for great prices.  More...

Save money – Get rid of cable!

The Problem


In Rochester, we don't have a lot of choices for cable and if you want it, you're really going to have to pay for it!  Just look at the numbers:


Time Warner Cable

Watch & Surf Bundle (Cable TV, High Speed Online) = $84.90/month for 12 months = $1018.80/year

Cable TV (200 channels) = $59.95/month for 12 months = $719.40/year   More...

Get Organized & Save Money -- Recipe Management Software

So it’s pretty well-known that you can save a lot of money if you cook dinner at home rather than go out to restaurants.  In the spirit of saving some money, I decided to cook dinner at home every day this month.  One major problem -- my recipes are a mess.  They’re in files all over my computer, in my email, on scraps of paper that have been torn out of magazines or handwritten by friends and family.  If I was going to make a good effort to cook at home, I had to get this under control.    More...