Money Saving Tips for the Kitchen


  • Throw your sponge in the dishwasher with a load of dishes every few days.  This will sanitize it and you’ll get an extra week or two of “sponge life.”
  • Turn off the drying cycle on your dish washer.  When the load is done, just open the rack and let the dishes air dry.  Easy way to save on your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your paper towel usage by keeping plenty of dish rags on hand.  Get in the habit of cleaning up spills and messes with your washable rags and you’ll cut down on waste and expenses at the same time.


Ways to Save Money at CVS that You Might Not Know About – Part 1


There are a ton of ways to save money at CVS that even the most savvy shopper might not know about.  This multi-part series will attempt to change all that. Follow these tips and you will find that you can easily find great deals on products you use every day and save more cash! 


#1 – Get a CVS Green Bag Tag!


Magazine Subscriptions Can Save You Money?

Now hear me out.  I really do think that there are tons of magazine subscriptions that can actually save you money.  For instance, a 12-month subscription to Health magazine costs $9.95 on .  That makes the cost of each issue about $.83.  Not a bad price you might think?  Well it gets better!


Coupons and Offers


Every issue of Health magazine comes with a bunch of money saving coupons and offers.  The March 2010 issue of Health magazine contained the following:


Need a Taste of Spring?


Spring can’t get here fast enough for me.  Every year January, February, and March seem to drag on and on.  This year I decided to bring a little spring into my house and I managed to save a little cash in the process.


HSBC’s $8 Monthly Maintenance Fee?!?!


I've had an HSBC checking account since I started college 10+ years ago.  While I’ve not always been thrilled with HSBC and their customer service, I’ve haven’t had a real reason to move away from them.  All that ended with the HSBC letter I received in the mail today. 


Apparently HSBC is no longer offering a “Free Checking account.”  Instead, I have been immediately switched to a “Choice Checking account.”  What does this mean?  According the letter, the Choice Checking account gives me “value and convenience with great benefits.”  It also comes with an $8 monthly maintenance fee.



What’s on Sale After the Holidays?


While many of you know to hit the sales for leftover Christmas decorations, you might not know that many other products go on sale this time of year.  Be sure to look out for sales and coupons on these items and you will save yourself tons of cash!


Sales are Seasonal - What Should You Stock Up On Now?

Photo by Mike Grover         

There are certain items that always go on sale during a particular time of year.  If you stock up at the right time, you’ll have enough to last you throughout the year and you’ll get these items at the best possible prices.


I think that November and December make up their own sale season.  Here are some of the items that will be going on sale this month and next.


Skip the Pizza Delivery Tonight

As we get closer to the season full of holidays, sometimes it’s just easier to call your local pizza shop than to cook something at home.  The good news is if you prepare ahead of time, you can skip that call and still have a fun pizza night.  Best of all, you’ll save cash!


Here’s how:  Stock up this week.  You know you’re going to run into busy nights in the next few months, and if have dinner all ready to go in your freezer, you won’t be tempted to call for take-out. 


There are deals all over town this week on pizza so you have your choice of stores and brands.  Here’s a few of the best prices I found:


Love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte But Not the Price Tag?


Do you love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, but hate the hefty price tag?  Last time I checked, a grande pumpkin spice latte cost $4.30+tax.  As a former Starbucks barista, I have a little trick that can save you a little cash and still get that delicious creamy pumpkin taste. 



Shop With Reusable Bags and Save Cash

After I wrote the blog post noting how PriceRite does not give out free plastic bags for your purchases, I heard about two other stores in the Rochester area that have started promotions to reduce the amount of plastic bags used.  Both Wegmans and CVS are using the carrot rather than stick approach to get shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.  And both promotions will save you cash!


Bring a Reusable Bag to Wegmans Get a Coupon