Tips of the Day - Save Money on Dryer Sheets


Since having a baby, I have learned how expensive doing laundry can get.  I find myself doing a load of laundry just about every day and that adds up to a lot of dryer sheets.  As an experiment, I tried using half a sheet in each load and guess what?  I didn't notice a difference!  For the next box, I purchased I pulled the whole stack out and cut them in half right away.  Easy way to save a little cash!




Chrismas Savings Plan to Start Now

The holidays have come and gone and my family has just barely started to dig ourselves out of all the gingerbread and wrapping paper.  You might think that it's way too soon to start thinking about next year, but you can actually take steps now to save yourself a ton of worry the next time Santa Clause comes to town. 

Take a look at this blog post outlining a Year-Long Savings Plan for Christmas.  The basic idea is that you save a little bit each week.  The first week you save a dollar and each consecutive week, you save an extra dollar.  That way you can gradually increase your savings instead of trying to do it all at once.  If you follow this plan, you will end up a grand total of $1378.00 at the end of the year!

Even if you can't manage to follow this plan to the letter, I think the general idea of saving a little bit every week is a great way prevent those massive year-end credit card bills. 

Keep following this blog and we'll save money together!



Inexpensive Solution for a Clogged Pipe


My family lives in a house built in 1926 so you better believe we've worked on more than our fair share of do-it-yourself projects in the last few years.  Our latest issue has been a clogged pipe in our upstairs bathroom.  I've tried plunging it and dumping hot water down the pipe without much success.  I wanted to avoid using one of the commerical chemical products so I started looking for natural solutions online.  

Luckily I found an article about 150+ Household Uses for Vinegar and their suggestion completely did the trick.  I poured 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain followed by 1 cup of common white vinegar.  The pipe foamed up a bit and then I flushed the pipe with hot water.  Voila!  It worked like a charm!


Higher Prices for Grocery Staples

Yesterday I read an interesting article on Kiplinger's website entitled 14 Grocery List Staples That Are Getting More Expensive.  I have mentioned a few times that I've noticed that grocery prices are gradually going up in our area -- apparently the Marketbasket Survey has confirmed that nationwide.  14 of the 16 items that the survey tracks have increased this year including russet potatoes, sirloin roast, bacon, apples, and other items.  I do recommend reading the Kiplinger's article as it's not a total downer.  It also offers some helpful tips to help you save money on each item of the items they tracked and help offset the rising costs.  Hang in there Rochester shoppers, keep reading my blog, and we'll get through it together!!



Kitchen Tip of the Day - Bacon

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of recipes tend to call for a few strips of bacon.  A little bit of bacon can go a long way in flavoring many different dishes.  As bacon tends to come in 16 oz packages, you either end up with a lot of wasted bacon or else it gets gobbled up by little gremlins (which isn’t exactly the most healthy option.)  Next time, this happens to you, try freezing the leftover.  You can either pre-cook it or leave it raw -- it’s up to you.  Spread out the slices on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer for about an hour or until they’re frozen completely.  Once they’re frozen, you can transfer them to labeled freezer bags.  Next time you a recipe calls for bacon, you can use as much or as little as needed.  No more waste!


Don't Forget the Rain Check!

Lately I’ve noticed that my favorite CVS hasn’t been very good at keeping their best sale items in stock.  While most customers will get annoyed and give up, this might actually work to your benefit.  Instead of just walking away, ask the cashier or any other employee for a rain check.  CVS rain checks are sort of like the Holy Grail – you’ll get the sale price and any Extra Bucks that are supposed to come with the deal when the item is back in stock.  And the best part – CVS rain checks never expire.  If you want, hold onto it until you get a coupon for the item and you can really maximize your savings! 


The Great Pumpkin Experiment


I really like the idea of using fresh home-grown food as much as possible to feed my family.  Often, it’s not only healthier; it can often save you money.


If you read my last post, I bought a sugar pumpkin last Saturday at the Rochester Public Market.  I decided to go ahead and make my own pumpkin puree for use in all kinds of tasty fall treats. 


With this whole experiment, I really want to answer one question.  Is it worth the effort? 


Check Out the Rochester Public Market This Weekend!


If you need a little inspiration to get up early and hit the Rochester public market this Saturday, a little run-down of my trip last weekend might just do the trick.


Here’s what I was able to pick up:



Save Money in the Kitchen


Here’s a few simple tips to help you save a little bit here and there in the kitchen!


  • When your recipe calls for a small amount of herbs or veggies, don’t let the rest go to waste.  Chop them up and freeze them in a freezer bag.  That way, they’re ready for use in your next recipe.  Saves time and money next time around!


Air Conditioning or No?

Have a family member that refuses to turn on your car’s air conditioner during the summer claiming that it wastes gas?  According to experts, the drag created by keeping your car’s windows down uses just as much gas as using the air conditioner.  Feel free to do what’s comfortable!