Gardening Deals at Lowe's 6/30

If your garden is looking a little bare after the blooming of your Spring/Early Summer, there are few decent deals at Lowe's to give it a little color!

Celebrate the 4th of July with some Red, White and Blue Annuals.  You can pick up 1.25 Quart Containers for 3/$6

Try some Late-Summer/Fall blooming perennials.  You can get 2.0 quart containers for 3/$10.  Remember, perennials can be a great buy since they come back year after year.


Lowe's Deals: Week of 6/2/2011

Nice weather has finally arrived in Rochester!  I found a few good deals at Lowe's this week to help you enjoy the outdoors! These deals last from 6/2/2011 to 6/6/2011.  You can check out the full ad on Lowe's website.

Annual Hanging Baskets (Vinca shown) - 2/$10 (Regular Price:  $9.98 each) 

Shake 'n Feed Plant Food 4.5lbs - $8.97 (Regular Price: $11.97) 

Moisture Control Potting Mix 64 quarts - $9.98 (Regular Price: $14.47)


Home Depot's Spring Black Friday Sales

Home Depot is running what they're calling Black Friday Sales every Friday this spring.  Click here to check out the Home Depot Black Friday Ad.  There were actually quite a few garden/gardening items that are on sale for 50% off. 

For instance, they have gallon pots of shrubs (Azalea, Juniper, Holly, and Gold Thread) for only $3.49. 

They also have 2 Cubic Feet of Landscape Mulch for only $1.74.  I'm looking to purchase some mulch in the next few weeks and I'm not entirely sure what a really good price would be.  If anyone knows of a cheaper way to buy it, I'd love to know!


Save Cash on Gardening at Home Depot

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the Home Depot Gardening Club and I was pleasantly surprised to find a coupon flyer in my mailbox today!  Here's what was inside:

  • Buy One Pack of Bulbs, Get One Free
  • Save $5 on Fiskars Titanium Pruners or Loppers
  • Save $2 on any Clorox Pro Results Outdoor Bleach

Home Depot promises to continue sending coupons and garding tips specific to the area you live throughout the gardening season.  If you're a gardener (or a wannabe gardener), it wouldn't hurt to signup!


Get Some Late Summer/Fall Color Now

Home Depot has 6.5” Mums right now for only $2.98 each.  This is the lowest price I’ve seen so far this season and the colors are just gorgeous.  I was able to fill the three pots on my front steps for under $9. 


Garden Factory Deals

If you still need some flowers or veggies to fill up your containers or gardens, check out The Garden Factory on Buffalo Road.  I’ve checked out a bunch of garden stores in the area and they have the best prices I’ve seen and their plants look great.  Here’s a few of the prices that I thought were pretty good:


Too Many Veggies -- Don't Waste Them With These Tips

I love gardening and veggies but sometimes a thriving garden can be overwhelming.  Here’s a few tips to make use of your extra produce this fall.


Too Many Cherry Tomatoes


While our regular tomato plants didn’t produce very well this year, we had an abundance of cherry tomatoes.  I got sick of making salads so I decided to make some oven-dried cherry tomatoes.  It was very easy.  Preheat your over to 200 degrees.  Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and place them cut side up on a baking sheet.  Give them a little sprinkle of salt and bake them until they shrivel up a little.  This took me about 3 hours.  These little oven dried tomatoes were so flavorful and tasted great tossed with pasta, garlic and a little olive oil.  More...

My Garden Monster

In an effort to save some cash, I planted a small vegetable garden this spring.  I’ve had some successes and a few failures but needless to say my small vegetable garden has outgrown its little plot.  The biggest garden hog has been my zucchini plants.  I planted a mound of three plants and they over grew their allotted space and took most of the adjacent perennial flower garden.  Fortunately, I’ve already gotten a bunch of zucchini from these plants so I had to forgive them.  More...