Free Excedrin Update

A few days ago I wrote a blog entry about how to sign up for a get a coupon for free Excedrin.  However, there is a little trick to make sure you get the free coupon. 



Free Sample from


In many ways, it’s tough to be a woman.  Make it just a little easier by requesting a free sample of Kotex feminine products. 


Free Sample of Breathe Right

Sign up to get a free sample of Breathe Right nasal strips.  If you have a partner that snores, you need to do this ASAP!  I promise -- it makes a world of difference.  I just received my free sample which included two nasal strips and a coupon for $1 off your next purchase.


Free Excedrin

Go to to sign up to get a coupon for a free Excedrin product (up to $5.99.)  Your coupon will be delivered by mail and the website says it will arrive in 3-5 days.


I also scanned Excedrin's website and found $1 off printable coupons for Excedrin Migraine, Excedrin Express Gels, Excedrin PM, Excedrin Back & Body, and Excedrin Menstrual Complete.


Free Sample of Dove Shampoo

Sign up at the Dove website to get a free sample of Dove Intense Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner.  You’ll also get a coupon for $1 off any Dove Hair Care product.


Free Sample of Purex Complete

Sign up at to a sample pack containing two Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.  Your free sample should arrive within 6-8 weeks.


Free Sample of PowerBar Gel Blasts

Sign up at the PowerBar website to get free sample of PowerBar Gel Blasts.  I just got my free sample today which was a 2 oz packet of the Gel Blasts.  I tried a few before hopping on the treadmill today and they were tasty.  I can’t say that they actually gave me a better workout but I did push it and run a few extra minutes!  J


I also received three $1 off coupons PowerBar Gel Blasts.

More Free Pop-Tarts!

In October, I wrote a post about signing up with Pop-Tarts Sprinklings Fan Club.  If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember that a few weeks later, I received a mailer with a coupon for a free box of Pop-Tarts.  This was a great deal and I figured that would be the end of it.  To my surprise, I opened my mail today to find a package that contained a free package of the new Wild Grape flavored Pop-Tarts.  Just another reason to sign up with the Pop-Tarts Sprinkling Fan Club!