$1 off Wegmans Asian Classics Sauces


$1.00 coupon - Wegmans Asian Classics Sauce - (wegmans.com)

On a busy night, a quick stir-fry can solve the question of what's for dinner! It's always a good idea to have a sauce or two in your pantry for just the reason! You can pick up a bottle of Wegmans Asian Classics Sauce for $1.99 with this printable coupon. They've got quite a few flavors to choose from such as Thai Peanut, Sesame Garlic, General Tso, and Teriyaki.


Wegmans Asian Classics Sauce 12 to 15 oz - $2.99

$1.00 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $1.99

Expires:  1/21/2012


$.75 Farm Rick Snacks Printable Coupon

$.75 coupon - any Farm Rick Snack - (coupons.com), zip 14610

I have a little trick to avoid taking the easy way and heading to the restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night.  If I have a restaurant style snack in the freezer such as these Farm Rich Snacks, I can add them as an appetizer to a healthy meal and my family feels like they're getting the restaurant treatment!  Wegmans carries Farm Rich Cheese Sticks, Mozzarella Sticks and Stuffed Pretzels and they come in pretty big bags that last us a while.  Use this coupon and save! 


Farmrich Snacks 21 to 26oz - $5.99

$.75 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $4.49


$2.39 Flatout Wraps or Flatbread at Wegmans

$.55 coupon - any Flatout brand product - (coupons.com), zip 14610

As I'm sure you've noticed, bread prices have gone up dramatically!  Unfortuanely, my family seems to go through bread like water.  So whenever I see a bread coupon, I'm all over it.  With this coupon you can pick up Flatout Wraps or Flatbread for only $2.39 at Wegmans


Flatout Wraps or Flatbread 9oz to 11.2oz - $3.49

$.55 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $2.39


$.52 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning at Wegmans

$.75 coupon - any 4 Old El Paso Products - (coupons.com), zip 14610

Taco night is always a favorite in our house!  If you compare prices, you may find that it's cheaper to buy individual pieces (taco shells, seasonings, sauce) rather than buying a taco kit.  Here's one way to pick up some inexpensive seasoning:


Buy 4 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix 1oz - $.89 x 4 = $3.56 

$.75 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: 4/$2.06 ($.52 each)


Coupon of the Day - Johnson's Baby Shampoo

$1.00 coupon - any Johnson's Baby Shampoo or 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner - (coupons.com), zip 14610

Wegmans has several different kinds of Johnson's Baby Shampoo on sale until 10/1.  Combine the sale with this coupon and you can pick up a bottle for only $.99.


Johnson's Baby Shampoo 15oz - $1.99

$1.00 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $.99


$1 off Wegmans Naan Bread

Click here to download a coupon good for $1 off Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Naan Bread. If you've never tried it, naan works great for making pizzas.  Just add sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings and heat everything up in the oven -- delicious!  You can pick up a package which has two pieces for only $1.99.  Expires 10/8/2011.


Wegmans Naan Bread 8.8 oz - $2.99

$1.00 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $1.99


$.38 Edge/Skintimate Shave Gel at Wegmans

$.75 coupon - any Edge or Skinimate Shave Gel  - (coupons.com), zip 14610

Can't find shave gel much cheaper than this!  I was able to print out two coupons, so I'll be picking up one of each.


Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 7oz - $1.88

$.75 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $.38


Coupon of the Day - Schick Hydro Razor

$5.00 coupon - any Schick Hydro Razor - (coupons.com), zip 14610

One of the things I hate spending money on is razors!  They're so expensive and they don't ever seem to last as long as they should.  So when I can find a good coupon or deal, I take advantage of it!  You can pick up a Schick Hydro Razor set for only $2.69 with this coupon at Wegmans.  This is even better than some types of razors because each package comes with two razor cartridges!


Schick Hydro Razor (1 razor, 2 razor cartridges) - $7.69

$5.00 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $2.69


Wegmans Fajita Tortilla Coupon

Click here to download a coupon good for $1 off Wegmans Fajita Tortillas. This is one of the best Wegmans deals I've seen in a while. With this coupon you can pick up a package for only $.49.  If you don't need them right now, tortillas do freeze well!  Expires 9/3/2011.


Wegmans Fajita Tortillas 15oz - $1.49

$1.00 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $.49


Coupon of the Day - Smucker's Toppings

$1.25/2 coupon - any two Smucker's Ice Cream Toppings - (coupons.com), zip 14610

It's not too late for ice cream!  With this coupon you can pick up two jars Smucker's Hot Fudge for only $1.37 each at Wegmans!  Here's how:


2 - Smucker's Toppings Hot Fudge 11.75oz - $1.99 x 2 = $3.98 

$1.25 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: 2/$2.73 ($1.37 each)