Feb. Nature's Marketplace Magazine is in Stores

The new February Nature’s Marketplace magazine is out.  As always, look for it in the natural food section of Wegmans.  Remember that all of the coupons in the magazine are manufacturer’s coupons.  This means that they can be used at any store that carries the products.  (For instance, Kashi cereal tends to go on sale at Tops every few weeks and the coupon in the magazine will make it even cheaper.)



Free Footlong at Subway

Check out the shopping bag advertiser in the mail this week.  There’s a coupon on the front for Subway – Buy a footlong sub and a 21-oz fountain drink and get a free footlong sub.  This could make a cheap lunch for 2-4 (depending on how hungry your group is)!




Zebb's Coupons

Check your mail today for a Zebb’s ad full of money saving coupons.  Zebb’s makes the best burgers (and veggie burgers) with all kinds of interesting toppings.  I used to live just around the corner and it’s a fun, casual place for a drink and a burger.  If you get a chance, try the Key West Cooler -- I’m a huge fan!



The Jan. Nature's Marketplace magazine is out!

There’s a new January edition of the free Nature’s Marketplace magazine available at Wegmans.  This one didn’t have as many coupons as the December’s edition, but there were two coupons that interested me.  Here’s a list of the coupons inside.


SuperCoups - Go On, Open It!

If you get one of these in the mail this week, take a few minutes to check it out.  While there's a lot of coupons in here aren’t very useful to me, there are a few that I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. 


Free Entree at Aja Noodle

Check out your Shopping Bag Advertiser this week.  On the front there’s a coupon for "buy one entrée get one free" at Aja Noodle.  The meals run between $7-$10 a piece which will make a really cheap dinner for two.  This coupon is available for dine-in only and can’t be combined with any other offers. 



Blinkies - What Are They?


If you’re a newbie visiting money saving websites or forums, you may have heard the term Blinkie tossed around and wondered what on earth they were talking about.  Blinkies are a cute nickname for the coupons that come out of little machines mounted on the aisles in some stores.  They get that name because the machines often have a red blinking light designed to draw your attention to the coupons they offer.  Tops and Target are just two of the stores in our area that have these Blinkie machines.


While you may have always walked by these machines, I suggest you give them a second look on your next shopping trip.  Last time I was in Tops, I found seven blinkie coupons including:


The Coupon Lovers Friend – All You Magazine

I look at my subscription to All You Magazine as an investment.  For a $20 subscription ($1.67 per issue), I get an entertaining magazine with tons of money saving tips, low cost recipes, a bunch entertaining articles, and tons of coupons. 


Natural Food Coupons at Wegmans

I love browsing Nature’s Marketplace (the natural foods section of Wegmans).  There’s so many snacks and treats that are perfect for vegetarians and those who are looking to improve their health.  Unfortunately, a lot of the products can be a bit pricy and deals are few and far between.  


Last time, I was in Wegmans, I was pleasantly surprised to find this coupon circular at the end of one of the aisles.



Coupons Are Everywhere

Once you start looking, you'll find money saving coupons everywhere.  For instance, in the mail today, I got the weekly Red Plum advertiser.