My Weekly Grocery Deals - 1/31/2010

Looks like this is a good week to shop.  Lots of freebies at the drug stores and some decent deals on groceries at Tops this week.  Have fun and happy shopping!




Turkey Hill Ice Cream 48 to 56oz - $2.49

Lean Cuisine Entrees 8 to 11.5oz - $1.99

Cabot Chunk Cheese 8oz – 2/$4

McCormick Chili Seasoning 1.25oz - $.99




With In-Ad Coupons

1 lb Peeled Baby Carrots or Fresh Celery - $.88 (Beats Wegmans price of $.99)

Bison Dip 12oz - $.99

Dijourno 12 Inch Pizza - $3.99

Kraft Miracle Whip or Real Mayonnaise 32oz - $2.49



Free Sample of Purex Complete

Sign up at to a sample pack containing two Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.  Your free sample should arrive within 6-8 weeks.


Free Footlong at Subway

Check out the shopping bag advertiser in the mail this week.  There’s a coupon on the front for Subway – Buy a footlong sub and a 21-oz fountain drink and get a free footlong sub.  This could make a cheap lunch for 2-4 (depending on how hungry your group is)!




Local Treasures - Magnolia's

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to forgo the chain restaurants and explore some of the independently owned eateries that Rochester has to offer.  This quest led me to a cozy café on Park Ave called Magnolia’s which has been family owned and operated since 2003.  I was not disappointed!


My Weekly Grocery Deals - 1/24/2010




Folgers Classic Roasted Coffee 10.3 to 11.3oz - $1.99

Cheez-It Cheese Crackers 11.5 to 13.7oz - $1.99 (-$1 on 2 coupon)

Wegmans Tomato Puree or Crushed Tomatoes 28 to 29oz - $.49




3-Day Sale Thurs 28th to Sat 30th

Tops Grade A Medium Eggs, dozen - $.69

Butter Quarters, 16oz - $1.49

Deli Fresh Mrs. Ressler’s Roast Beef - $4.99/lb


Zebb's Coupons

Check your mail today for a Zebb’s ad full of money saving coupons.  Zebb’s makes the best burgers (and veggie burgers) with all kinds of interesting toppings.  I used to live just around the corner and it’s a fun, casual place for a drink and a burger.  If you get a chance, try the Key West Cooler -- I’m a huge fan!



Free Sample of PowerBar Gel Blasts

Sign up at the PowerBar website to get free sample of PowerBar Gel Blasts.  I just got my free sample today which was a 2 oz packet of the Gel Blasts.  I tried a few before hopping on the treadmill today and they were tasty.  I can’t say that they actually gave me a better workout but I did push it and run a few extra minutes!  J


I also received three $1 off coupons PowerBar Gel Blasts.

My Weekly Grocery Deals - 1/17/2010




Folgers Classic Roasted Coffee 10.3 to 11.3oz - $1.99

Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Entrees 8 to 11.5oz - $1.99

Tostitos Tortilla Chips 9 to 13oz – 2/$5


10% off at Nathan's Soup and Salad

Nathan's Soup and Salad is running a special right now.  If you purchase a soup, sandwich, and a drink, you get 10% off.  I'm not sure how long this special will run but on a cold day like today this is a great deal!


The Jan. Nature's Marketplace magazine is out!

There’s a new January edition of the free Nature’s Marketplace magazine available at Wegmans.  This one didn’t have as many coupons as the December’s edition, but there were two coupons that interested me.  Here’s a list of the coupons inside.