Brunch at Jay's Diner


Looking for a good place for breakfast/brunch?  Try Jay’s Diner at 2612 West Henriettta Road.  It’s open 24 hours a day just in case you need a snack around 2am. 


We went for brunch on Sunday -- we were looking for a place that serves breakfast all day.  Our waitress was extremely friendly and attentive (and she told me I smelled nice….must have been my new shampoo!)  The kitchen was a little slow but the place was pretty packed and the wait wasn’t anywhere near outrageous. 


I got a spinach and feta omelette and it was light and fluffy and had the spinach cooked right into the egg mixture.  I wish I knew how to make an omelette like that.  Also, it was huge and served with hash browns and toast.  Tasty!  My friend had the French toast with sausage and by the way he housed it, I have to say he enjoyed it immensely. 


Prices were reasonable.  It was only around $15 for two meals and two coffees.  If you’re a student, flashing your student ID will get you 10% off your bill.  They also have free wireless if you need to stay connected.