Drug Store Shopping This Week - 12/9/2009


There were quite a few deals to take advantage of this week at the local drug stores.  Be sure to get there soon to make sure everything’s still in stock!


Walgreens – 12/8/2009


Nathan’s Soup and Salad on Park Ave

So this is my new favorite place for lunch take-out.  Nathan’s reminds me of the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld except with really nice servers.  (Be prepared to take your soups home with you because there is no seating at Nathan’s.  I believe in the summer they do have a few tables outside in front of the restaurant.) 


My Weekly Grocery Deals - 12/6/2009




Wegmans has been running the same sale on sugar, flour, and other baking needs for months now, so I won’t be relisting these items.  Look back on past lists for the baking items that are onsale.  (Another boring week for finding good deals at Wegmans!)


Wegmans Vegetable Oil 32oz - $1.79

Wegmans Flaked Coconut 14oz – 2/$3

Diamond Shelled Walnuts 16oz - $3.99 (-$3 on 2 coupon)

Wegmans Brown Sugar Cured Bone-In Half Hams - $1.79/lb



Walgreens 4-Day Sale

So what does Walgreens 4-Day Sale mean to you?  Free stuff!  Here’s a list of the free (or better than free stuff) you can get from now until Saturday 12/5/2009.



My Weekly Grocery Deals - 11/30/2009




Nabisco Triscuits 8 to 9.5oz or Wheat Thins 7.5 to 10oz - $1.99

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies 6 to 7.5oz – 2/$4 (-$1 on 2 coupon) 

Goya Beans 15.5oz – 2/$1 (-$1.25 on 6 coupon)

Tribe Hummus 8oz - $1.99

Sorrento Mozzarella 16oz chunk - $2.99

Sorrento Ricotta 32oz - $2.99


Sales are Seasonal - What Should You Stock Up On Now?

Photo by Mike Grover         

There are certain items that always go on sale during a particular time of year.  If you stock up at the right time, you’ll have enough to last you throughout the year and you’ll get these items at the best possible prices.


I think that November and December make up their own sale season.  Here are some of the items that will be going on sale this month and next.


My Weekly Grocery Deals - 11/22/2009


Fairly dull shopping this week in anticipation of Black Friday.  Just a couple of highlighted items you may want to stock up on before Thanksgiving.




Mostly just the same stuff that’s been on sale all month.  Looks like I may be able to skip Wegmans this week since I already stocked up on these items.


Sara Lee 9” Oven Fresh Pies 37oz Apple, Dutch Apple, Raspberry, or Pumpkin - $2.49

Birds Eye Vegetables and Sauce 8 to 10oz - $.99 (-$1 on 3 coupon) = 3/$1.97 ($.66 each)

Cabot Chunk Cheese 8oz – 2/$4

Yams/Sweet Potatoes - $.29/lb (Looks like they matched the price that Tops had them on sale for last week!  Glad to see they’re making an effort.)




Price Rite Deals This Week - 11/15 to 11/21


If you didn’t get the PriceRite flyer this week, you might want to check out some of these deals.   There are some good prices on items you might need to stock up on for the holidays.


Drug Store Shopping This Week - 11/18/2009

Had a bunch of Register Rewards to spend this week.  Will have to do some more shopping on Friday to spend those that will expire!



My Weekly Grocery Deals - 11/15/2009




Stock up on your holiday groceries!


Sara Lee 9” Oven Fresh Pies 37oz Apple, Dutch Apple, Raspberry, or Pumpkin - $2.49

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktails 64oz - $1.99

Campbell’s Gravy 10.25 to 10.5oz - $.50 (-$1 on 4 coupon)

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup 18.6 to 18.8oz – 4/$5

French’s Original French Fried Onions 6oz - $2.99 (-$.75 coupon)

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie 5 to 7.25oz – 2/$4 (-$1 on 2 coupon)

Crest Toothpaste 3.5oz - $.97

Heinz Home Style Roasted Turkey Gravy 18oz - $1.99