Tops Coupon Matchups and Deals: Week of 5/26/2013


Don’t forget that Tops is still running the Monopoly game and you can still earn Gas Points this week!




Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks Big Pack - $.99/lb


Italian Sausage Links or Patties Big Pack - $2.69/lb




Georgia Peaches - $.99/lb


Fresh Express Salad Blends and Baby Blends 4.5 to 12oz – 2/$5 (Bonus Monopoly)


Organically Grown Earthbound Farm Salads 5oz - $2.99


Sabra Guacamole 10oz - $2.99

$1 Tops Catalina Coupon

Final Price: $1.99




President Chunk Feta 8oz – BOGO (2/$6.59)

$2/2 Printable Coupon

Final Price: 2/$4.59


Lactaid Milk 96oz - $4.99

$.50/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $3.99


$1.79 Kotex Natural Balance at Wegmans


$1/1 coupon - any one Kotex Natural Balance Security Tampons, Ultra Thins, or MaxiPads - (

Here's another chance to combine a Wegmans Shopper's Club sale price with a printable coupon.  Your final price on tampons, ultra thins, or maxi pads is only $1.79.


Kotex Natural Balance Tampons 18ct, Ultra Thin 22ct, Maxi Pads 14 to 24ct - $2.79 (With Shopper's Club Card)

$1/1 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $1.79



$.79 Colgate Total Toothpaste at Wegmans


$.75/1 coupon - any one Colgate Total Toothpaste  - (

If you follow the sales at the drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, etc), you can get free toothpaste fairly often.  But if you're in need of it right away, here's a pretty good deal at Wegmans.


Colgate Total Toothpaste 6oz - $2.29 (With Shopper's Club Card) 

$.75/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $.79




$.99 Wegmans Organic Lemonade

$1/1 coupon - any one Wegmans Organic Lemonade 64oz  - (

So you're already picked up your summer condiments with the coupon from my last post.  What's next on your list?  Well, lemonade of course!  With this coupon you can pick up Wegmans Organic Lemonade for only $.99.  Can't beat that!


Wegmans Organic Lemonade 64oz - $1.99 (With Shopper's Club Card) 

$1/1 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $.99


$.99 Wegmans Organic Condiments with New Coupon


$1/1 coupon - any Wegmans Organic Condiment  - (

Like many people these days, I buy organic when it's affordable and feasible.  Wegmans has been selling more and more Wegmans Organic products and they have fairly recently put out a new line of condiments that are organic.  With this coupon you can pick up Wegmans Organic Ketchup, Mustard, or Relish for only $.99 each.  Give them a try -- my family thought the ketchup was comparable to their non-organic brand (though we still prefer Heinz.)


Wegmans Organic Ketchup 20oz, Mustard 12oz, Relish 10oz - $2.29

$1/1 Printable Coupon

Final Price: $.99


Memorial Day Special - 50% any Family Meal at Boston Market


 Need a plan for your Memorial Day dinner?  Boston Market has just put out a coupon good for 50% off any Family Meal purchase.  This coupon is good for Memorial Day (5/27) only and it give you a good reason not too cook on the holiday!



Free Carefree Pantiliners at Wegmans


$.50/1 coupon - any one Carefree product  - (

These Carefree coupons come out periodically and they always mean free pantiliners!  Not the most exciting deal, but unfortunately a lady has to have them!  Pick up yours at Wegmans for free with this printable coupon.


Carefree Bodyshape Pantiliners 20ct - $.99

$.50/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: FREE



$.49 Suddenly Salad at Wegmans


$.50/2 coupon - any two Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mixes - (

Summer is upon us and that means hotdogs and pasta salad!  Stock up with this coupon and the Shopper's Club sale at Wegmans. (Note: The Shopper's Club price is only good through 6/1/2013)


Buy 2 Suddenly Salad Pasta Salad Mix 7.25 to 7.75oz @ $.99 each - $1.98

$.50/2 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: 2/$.98 ($.49 each)




$1.19 Hefty Zoo Pals Plates at Wegmans


$.55/1 coupon - any one package of Hefty Zoo Pals Product  - (

Admit it -- we've all had those days when you just cannot bear to do one more load of dishes.  Stash some of these in your cupboard for just those emergencies! You'll be happy and your kids will be happy too!


Hefty Zoo Pals Plates, Bowls, or Utensils, 20 to 24ct - $2.29

$.55/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $1.19



$.49 Dole Smoothie Shakers at Wegmans


$.75/1 coupon - any one Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers - (

Here's another newish product that might make a really good breakfast/afternoon snack!  Apparently, it's frozen fruit and yogurt to which you add your own juice and shake for a nice cold smoothie snack.  Wegmans carries Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, and Mixed Berry flavors and you can pick one up for only $.49 with this coupon!


Dole Smoothie Shakers 4oz - $1.99

$.75/1 Printable Coupon doubled

Final Price: $.49